Ice Cream Cake


The Ice Cream Cake strain high is just as beautiful as the flavor, with lifted and relaxing effects that will have you kicking back in no time flat. The high starts with a rush of cerebral effects that lift your mind into a state of pure happiness and ease, pushing out any negative or racing thoughts immediately.



Ice cream cake strain

An indica-dominant mongrel cross between Marriage Cutlet and Gelato# 33, the Ice Cream Cutlet strain is ideal for darkness use. 75 indica and 25 sativa, this sweet, delicate succulent cub is known for its ecstatic, debonair cerebral goods that gradationally give way to a sedating body high.

th a name like Ice Cream Cutlet, it’s tough not to have high prospects for this indica-dominant mongrel. Luckily, the Ice Cream Cutlet strain produces a pleasurable, relaxing, mind- body high that’s just as tasteful as its name sounds.
With its delicate, nutty, sweet, and inelegant flavors, Ice Cream Cutlet delivers a succulent taste experience that instantly gives way to a lifted, debonair cerebral high. Soon later, an overall comforting body high sets in that ’ll have you deeply settee-locked as you drift off into a peaceful, sedated sleep.

Offering sublime flavor, ecstatic relaxation, potent pain relief, and a calm, yet conspicuous mood boost, Ice Cream Cutlet is an excellent darkness strain for medical and recreational tokers likewise.
On average, THC situations range from 20 to 25, while CBD situations are nearly absent. Given its high THC content and lack of CBD, Ice Cream Cutlet produces a enough heavy-hitting, relaxing high that wetlands down any negative studies nearly incontinently.

Ice cream cake strain

Appearance, Flavour, and Goods
. The nugs of this strain are beautiful! They err on the small side and are densely packed. The kids are olive green with grandiloquent tinges that give a stunning discrepancy. Orange pistils also poke their way throughout the kids. Incipiently, this strain stays true to its name with an incredibly thick subcaste of sticky trichomes.

As you ’d anticipate, this strain has a deliciously mouthwatering aroma! The scent is delicate, with bursts of vanilla and just a hint of rubbish. On the inhale, druggies will witness a sweet, delicate, and honey-suchlike flavour with a gusto of nuttiness. This strain tastes so good that you ’ll wonder if some druggies are just in it for the flavour! In any case, it’s true what they say, I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream Cutlet!
Just like when you were a sprat, Ice Cream Cutlet has a delightfully sweet effect. Still, this is reserved just for the grown-ups! Druggies will probably witness an original head rush of joy and relaxation. You ’ll feel your worries, stress and anxieties melt in the stylish possible way. This swoon is excellent for individual use or small groups.

Still, don’t anticipate to have a ton of energy to come with it. This strain is an indica-dominant mongrel, after all! The high will soon transition into a dreamy body buzz. Once this relaxation sinks deeper, it may be time to suppose about chancing a comfy place to settle in or rest your head.

But the sweet goods of this strain don’t stop there! This mongrel is each about giving your medical conditions their just goodies. With its dreamy parcels, Ice Cream Cutlet is great for easing wakefulness. Its comforting rates also make it effective for treating migraines, muscle soreness and pain. Eventually, its uplifting, mood- boosting goods are excellent for reducing anxiety and depression.

Ice Cream Cutlet Medical Benefits
Wakefulness, Migraines, Muscle Soreness, Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Appetite Stimulation
. Ice Cream Cutlet features a delicate flavor profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sticky dough. This strain is reported by medical marijuana cases and consumers to have comforting goods that help with pain, sleep, and anxiety.
Medical druggies regard the strain as an excellent choice for treating habitual pain, depression, anxiety, nausea, and wakefulness. Recreational druggies love Ice Cream Cutlet for its excellent taste and uplifting, comforting, and settee- cinch- converting goods.

Ice Cream Cutlet Growing Info
Ice Cream Cutlet is a popular strain choice for both intermediate and advanced farmers. This strain can be grown outdoors and outside. You can anticipate a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. Ice Cream Cutlet weed offers a large yield and tends to grow medium-altitudinous. Multiple breeders have a cultivar named Ice Cream Cutlet in their seed library. While no bone has nailed down its exact motherland, numerous believe the original Ice Cream Cutlet strain was developed by California farmer, Seed Junky Genetics.

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