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Cinderella 99 Cannabis strain

Cinderella 99 cannabis. Cinderella 99, also called C99, or basically’Cindy’is a Sativa- prevailing cross strain reared by Mr. Soul of Sisters Grimm.

absolutely She’s most popular for her strong cerebral high, sweet fruity flavors, and grand yields. most probably According toMr. Soul, C99
. was made Exercising seeds plant in a Sensi marked 2-gram pack of Jack Herer bought at an Amsterdam café.

Cinderella 99 is notorious for inner directors as a result of its short, ragged height, exceptional returns, short blooming time,
.and high-THC content (up to 23). Also, Cindy’s things are generally portrayed as fantastic, ecstatic, and inspiring.

C99 x Blueberry Fast feminized have their baselines in the cross of a Cinderella 99, a Blueberry, and a Fast strain. Cinderella 99 cannabis
Also, This fair-sized/ enormous and solid pot factory produces thick, resinous,
THC-pressed kids encompassed by scarcely any departs that trimming her is brisk and simple. Cinderella 99 cannabis
5 SEEDS Cinderella 99 cannabis

Inner blossoming period 6-7 weeks
Cross Cinderella 99 x Blueberry x Fast

Outdoors gather time September
Genotype Indica- prevailing.

Cinderella 99, else call C99 or basically as”Cindy”is a Sativa strain that was an resultant of periods of unequivocal heritable choice.
Originally reared byMr. Soul from the group at Brother’s Grimm,
it has incontinently ignominious for its marvelous and extremely psychoactive high.
Mr. Soul guarantees that he firstly made Cindy from Jack Herer seeds from Sensi Seeds,
which were also with Shiva Skunk which was specifically pick for its durable impacts,
. high THC focuses, and intensity. It took further than three periods of crossbreeding

heritable choice, and bunches of trial before the Cinderella 99 we presently love has crowned.
As a Sativa strain, C99 flaunts advanced than normal THC situations that can run anyplace between 17-22 on the better quality.

High Times magazine once named her one of their top strains of the time for her marvelous, thoughtful, and strengthening characteristics.
Cinderella 99 is a Sativa bloom that makes for an inconceivable day- time strain with her stimulating, inspiring, and profitable high. As magnific as C99 might be,
she actually improves – excursions from her uncommon THC situations and tenacious high,
.Cinderella 99 is likewise veritably notable and supported for her interesting scent and flavors.

Fantasize a sweet, virtually sweet wholesomeness and the scent of tropical,
. Poignant pineapples with the fresh unpredictability of invisible notes of pine and diesel.

Cinderella 99 oozes a sweet curiosity that upgrades by its pungency and complex natural product flavors. Cinderella 99 cannabis

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