Named for its viscous, sticky, amber consistency, marijuana wax is a potent cannabis extract. With THC concentrations up to 90%, wax is most commonly sought out by recreational cannabis users that have built up a high THC tolerance or medical patients looking for immediate and long-lasting relief.
How do you know if wax is good quality?
Good quality wax should be amber to gold in color. Anything with a slight green or dark tint has chlorophyll and other plant matter. This lowers the potency because of the plant matter. This goes for seeing if your wax was made/extracted correctly.
What wax is best for smoking?
ShatterShatter concentrate is by far one of the most popular forms of cannabis extracts. It’s glass like consistency makes it easy to smoke and handle. Shatter is often bought in parchment paper due to it’s sometimes sticky form.

Buy pure Wax online  is a type of highly concentrated cannabis extract that uses a combination is weed plant materials and solvents.

The appearance of Wax is translucent and its color can range from honeylike amber to darker yellow shades such as olive oil.

Wax form of cannabis is typically one of the most potent types of hash oils and can contain up to 90% cannbinoid content.

It has gained popularity among cannbis users for its glossy, photogenic texture and high THC potency.

Why is Wax so great!

Simply said, it is very potent

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