Indica marijuana generally has a higher CBD content than Sativas. Cannabis Indica is our couch-locking, hot-tubbing, body buzzing, day forgetting saviour. With Indica, you’ll sink into the couch as you’re met by a soft body buzz that slowly washes over you. Next thing you know, the only thing you can think about is what you’re gonna order off Skip the Dishes as the memory of your day fades away.  indica marijuana

What ailments could Indica Cannabis help with?

If you’re wanting an escape from your day or need help relaxing. Indica’s exactly what you’re looking for. It gives the smoker a relaxing full body high that’s great for treating:

  • body pain
  • anxiety
  • insomnia

From mellow strains to absolute body melters, Dank Vape Shop is the best place to buy Indicas in Canada,USA!

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